Monday, 3 November 2014

Harrods Hamper Review

There is nothing more indulgent than receiving a delivery from Harrods.  It is such a decadent treat!  From the presentation of the box to the contents themselves I felt very spoilt indeed.

The items arrived in perfect condition as the box was well packaged inside.  Each of the products made you feel very festive but were also reminiscent of Victorian England.  With my spiced tea and luxurious biscuits I felt like a wealthy lady of the manor.

Shame youngest ran off with the biscuits as soon as he could.  This is the kind of hamper you should cherish every morsel with as little sharing as possible!  Not that I had much chance of that, once word got round that I had some Harrods products in the house I had lots of “helpful” volunteers.

Most people are familiar with the Harrods brand; the store itself is one of those most visit places in London.  So having a taste of that delivered to your home, is a welcome gift indeed this Christmas.  Not everyone can make the journey to London, so it’s convenient having it arrive on your doorstep!  

My Christmas Carol hamper cost £100 but for those special members of your family I think it’s nice to make a fuss of them.  The iconic branding is instantly recognisable and they will know just how much you care.  There is no mistaking the lavish nature of their present.

My mum helped with the testing she was on official marmalade duty.  This is no ordinary marmalade though, the tangerine & orange liqueur was a wonderful combination and my mum was only too pleased to finish the jar!  I was happy with the Spiced Fig & Plum Jam and the Christmas Spice Loose Leaf Tea as the infusion of spices make you really feel Christmassy.  If your one of those people that sometimes find it hard to get into the spirit of Christmas then I can promise you this hamper will certainly help with that!  

It’s lovely having a Harrods bauble for the tree after you have gobbled up the rest of your goodies, so you can always remember your delightful hamper experience.


  1. Ohh wow! A hamper from Harrods is an absolute dream! Way out of my price range but it sounds and looks fantastic x

  2. looks like such a fab hamper would be a dream to be able to have but is out of my price range