Saturday, 1 November 2014

How to Enjoy a Skiing Trip with Children

Researching my snow skiing adventure in Austria has sparked a more thorough investigation, I am not sure the high altitude would work in Kuhtai and as nice as the property sounded I want to go on holiday to completely unwind.  A break from the daily chores and cooking, my two boys are quite full on and like to be the centre of attention so having a catered chalet would mean I could dedicate more time to their needs and make snowmen with them at my leisure.

The exclusive catered chalets within Morzine from Snow Candy come with their own host and chef so you can focus on your family.  Morzine sounds like an ideal destination for children with skiing lessons available from 3 years old!  So you can soon have a competent skier in your family at a very young age.

The winding roads to ski resorts can play havoc with travel sickness, so pack with that in mind!  Extra clothes just in case and watching what they eat/drink before they travel to try and prevent it happening.  Some resorts are quite remote so involve a long period travelling, so it might be worthwhile investigating the best ways to entertain your child on journeysMy eldest can play on the games on my mobile phone for a while quite happily without feeling ill anymore, so I would say stock up on your electrical gadgets and make sure they are charged before setting off!!!

Buy your child’s ski suit or even better see if you can borrow from friends (just in case you child never takes to skiing!) before leaving for your holiday.  Ski resort shops are considerably more expensive but you can hire the helmets on arrival.

Skiing can be exhausting if your child is not used to it so make sure you plan your day accordingly, lots of time for them to have a rest and top up on snacks before starting again.

Altitude changes can dehydrate so top up on water too, make sure your child is regularly drinking to make the adjustment easier for them.

Finding this top 10 family ski holidays article makes me want a hot tub, dedicated child care and evening kid’s clubs!  I am not asking for much am I on top of my chef and host from Snow Candy… 

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