Friday, 28 November 2014

Movember Nears an End

My hubbie does not seem capable of growing a proper moustache he just grows random fluff on his face, he does try bless him but nothing really happens!  My brother has more luck and the boys themselves like to get involved in Movember, although their version is firmly stuck on instead! 

Even I like to take part with them.  I think the moustache suits me quite well…

Hubbie does get a little disgruntled with his facial hair especially as our fake moustaches are all so much nicer than his attempts.  But I think it would go to plan better if he followed some expert tips for moustache growing from Fashion Beans.  You actually need to train a moustache, so it will behave!  This requires regular trimmings, a comb to smooth it down and even some gel if it’s particularly unruly!!! 

I always worry about any food being left over in his facial hair from dinner!  Much like the character from The Twits with a beard full of disgusting leftovers.  Fashion Beans recommend a decent facial scrub to avoid that unsightly mess!  Mr Twit should have read the article and he might have had more martial bliss with Mrs Twit.

It would be lovely if he could take part next year and have a moustache to be proud of.  It’s such a worthwhile cause; Movember helps raise awareness and funds for various men’s health issues.  It’s great seeing so many people getting behind the campaign.

If you’re feeling a little sad that Movember is coming to an end!  Then there is still some moustache related fun to be had, you should try this entertaining quiz on Buzzfeed to see if you can recognise any of the famous moustaches.  I did not do that well, so I need to swot up on moustache related trivia before next November.  

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