Saturday, 15 November 2014

My Christmas Elf Door Review

We have been following the Elf on the Shelf tradition for two years now, this will be our third and I thought it needing refreshing!  To stop the magic becoming mundane I wanted to get Eddie the Elf his very own door to appear beside!

Everything arrived in perfect condition, I love the box it arrives in with the candy cane coloured string, you feel more Christmassy upon delivery and once you open it and feast your eyes on the contents you feel exceptionally pleased with your order.

The attention to detail of the items from the Fairy Door website is quite remarkable.  Eddie and the boys are in for a treat!  With your Elf Door you also get tiny presents to place around the beautiful provided Christmas tree, a stencil to make little footprints to add to the mystery and intrigue, special elf glitter and a sweet letter and poem.  For £21.99 I think it is exceptional value and a real treat for your children.  At the moment you can even get it 10% cheaper with the code snowflake (valid until the 31st of Dec).

The door itself is striking, a decent size and I love the wreath, some elf doors I have seen advertised were tiny; this one creates more of an impact!  I have not let the boys see it yet; I want it as a complete surprise for December the 1st.  I know they will be absolutely amazed when they see everything; I am hoping it will make Christmas even more memorable.  

Plus it might help with their behaviour in the run up to the big day!  They can be a handful fighting so if they BELIEVE in the magic of the elf going back to tell Santa then I might have a chance of good manners for the month of December!  This door will revitalise our tradition and be a focal point for my children.

We are planning on leaving little treats close to the door during the month to really build up the Elf fun!  If you do not have an Elf Door yet I highly recommend you get one before dusting your Elf off for another month of duties.

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