Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Peter Rabbit Treehouse Playset

This is a lovely set for fans of Peter Rabbit, those who likes rabbits generally or just any child intrigued by cool features like a trap door and escape slide!  So as you can imagine it will appeal to quite a few children aged 3+, my boys 5 and 7 were quite keen to see what it was all about.

It seems quite sturdy which is always a plus when it comes to children this age, they seem to like to test toys to the limit!  The set comes with an exclusive Peter Rabbit figure but you can buy his friends separately to really enjoy the playset.  There is enough room for a fair few of them to live here quite happily!

With the Peter Rabbit show airing on Cbeebies I can imagine a set like this would be popular with anyone watching the sweet animation.  My two do not watch CBeebies anymore but like I said they are quite happy to play with the toy.  With plenty of things to do in the treehouse it keeps them occupied.  I think its best suited for children closer to 3+ though to get the most benefit from it.

There is a little lift to help your friends into the treehouse and then if you want to quickly move off on your next adventure you just head down the slide!  You also have a disguised front door, a bucket to drop down and pull up and a telescope to watch the night sky!  So for young children this playset has enough to keep them entertained.

It really is a charming set; Peter Rabbit is all about friendship so its great for gentle play.  It is presented well in the box so I would imagine it would get quite a positive reaction being unwrapped this Christmas and as a parent I am glad its one less toy that needs batteries!  The boys have left the grass from the packaging attached to the playset as they like the effect!

You can find out more on the Vivid Toys website.

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