Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Boys New Bunk Beds

My boys were beyond ecstatic when their new bunk bed from Furniture Choice arrived.  I liked how I received a phone call before delivery to arrange a suitably convenient date.  With a delivery this exciting we wanted to make sure we would be in to receive it!

The boys had been counting down the sleeps until they could finally have their very own bunk bed!  It’s a big deal when you’re a child; I remember being thrilled I actually got to stay in one when visiting my aunty and uncle’s house growing up.  We never had one of our own at home, so it was a real treat to stay over with them.

The bunk bed frees up so much more room in the bedroom.  With extra floor space they can really spread out their toys.  Ever since it arrived bedtime has been more of an adventure, they have been taking nightly turns of the top position when it comes to sleep time.  Before that you can usually find them both up their together, eldest has even taken to reading his brother the odd bedtime story!

Even when the boys finally head to their separate rooms, the bunk bed will still come in useful.  Eldest has had a couple of sleepovers already and it’s always been tricky sorting out the sleeping arrangements but it won’t be such an issue anymore!  I was a little concerned how they would cope with the ladder, but so far so good, they seem to make their way up and down it without mischief.  But to be on the safe side we now always leave the torch we reviewed at the top so they can navigate down safely when its dark.

The Gemini Antique Pine Wooden Bed looks very stylish; once hubbie had made it I was very impressed, for £259.99 (reduced from £539.98) it’s a complete bargain in my opinion.  Most people would be fooled into thinking you had spent considerably more.  It is very solid, so I feel safe with them using the bunk bed.

When the boys are older and climbing a ladder to bed might not be quite as much fun (although I do not see that happening any time soon!) you can very conveniently separate the bunk bed into individual beds.  Likewise if your circumstances change and your children do not need to share a room anymore this furniture solution can save you splashing out on additional beds!

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