Saturday, 6 December 2014

B&B Italia Launch Exclusive Kid’s Chair

Children’s bedrooms can get a little boring, you may want designer pieces that stand out and are iconic.  Why have a beanbag flung in a distant corner when you can have a piece of classic Italian design displayed proudly instead!  With such exclusive furniture choices from B&BItalia your child might be motivated to keep their bedroom in a better condition or it might develop an appreciation of the finer things in life.

These items are functional but visually appealing too.  The new UPJ chair would be perfect for my eldest he could sit in that quite comfortably reading his books or watching a film.  It’s such a playful piece of furniture; the bold red is eye catching and very vivid.  It is also very practical with fully removable upholstery (yes children can be mucky pups!) and the flexible polyurethane foam makes it a comfortable experience overall.

The UPJ is the junior version of the original UP5_6 designed in 1969 by Gaetano Pesce.  Its great children are being offered the same designer armchair but in a version scaled down for them.  The design is timeless, years on its still an attractive looking piece.  I think it’s a fabulous way to introduce your child to classic furniture.

The original chair had a strong idea behind it; the chair itself loosely resembles a woman’s body.  It was all about denouncing sexism, so if you want your furniture to speak out with an important message then this could be for you.  We should all be treated the same regardless of gender.

That message might be lost on my young children but they could still appreciate a fine looking item to complete their bedrooms.  The ball and chain especially would be quite entertaining for them and a novel change to their usual furniture choices.  Collectors on the other hand would simply like to expand their set.

You can learn more about the UPJ on the B&B Italia website.

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