Friday, 19 December 2014

Happy HEX-mas

My eldest was a little sad because he has been unwell and is now missing the last day of term, the children all get to bring in a toy to play with which is a bit of a novelty so he wanted to join his friends doing that.  Luckily I had this HEXBUG Shark Tank needing to be reviewed so that cheered him up no end!  It looks really good in the box for the price (RRP £29.99).

I did not realise HEXBUG had so many new additions, we went a bit mad one year and stocked up on all the tracks, tubes and zip wire so I thought we had everything we could get really.  How wrong was I!  Having real fish and knowing how much work is involved (regular water changes and cleaning the tank!) the Shark Tank is a nice alternative. 

The Shark element adds some extra excitement for your Aquabot collection, the jaws can be used to try and grab your fish direct from the water.  Children can be involved making the tank look nice as it comes complete with some coral.  But fortunately it will stay a lot cleaner with robotic fish!  I liked how my eldest was making shark noises and getting caught up in the action. He said if its lucky the shark gets a fish but most of the time it has to make do with a mouthful of coral!  He even started bursting into song, the fish swim around singing a happy song and the shark sings the dead song whilst trying to catch them!!!  He was preoccupied for ages.

If your children are hoping for a first pet this Christmas offering the Shark Tank might be a suitable alternative until they are ready to face the responsibilities of real pet ownership.  You can even buy additional HEXBUG Aquabot 2.0 (RRP £7.99) as stocking fillers.  The second version Aquabots are more sophisticated, they have smart fish technology, if you tap the tank or touch the fish it becomes active again swimming around.  It makes for a more realistic fish keeping experience.  These new fish friends also have an LED light so you can see them even when night falls.

Available at Toys R Us, Argos, Smyths, John Lewis, Amazon, Red 5 and The Entertainer.


  1. I love the idea of a toy that is an alternative to getting a pet for Christmas. Lovely review, it looks great fun.

  2. Monkey got this last week for his birthday from his GodMum, it's great as he has a few Aquabots now, so they have a home.