Saturday, 20 December 2014

My Attitude to Risk

It’s handy not having a crystal ball really if we knew what the future held we might be more apprehensive in our day-to-day lives.  I think its best to live each moment to the full, although I do have certain restrictions I am not a dare devil therefore have no inclination to be secured in a shark cage, bungee jump, go micro gliding or even drive particularly fast. 

I like life slow and steady with a normal pulse rate, watching the thrills and spills of extreme sports on television gives me enough of a panic!  My idea of a full life is completely different to other people’s, I can imagine in certain jobs personal injury claims are a bigger deal than others, depending on how much risk and hazards are in your workplace.  But rather than head to Leo’s Claims I think I will hunt out jobs with very strict health and safety guidelines and err on the side of caution, sat safely behind my desk.

Danny Macaskill on his mountain bike on the other hand is amazing to watch; my boys really enjoy watching extreme bike riding, although I hope they do not get any ideas!  

I remember going downhill on my pushbike as a kid and panicking and pressing the breaks hard!  I ended up going flying over the handlebars and lying in the road!  So I am in awe of Danny and his considerable talent.  He seems to be able to get his mountain bike to manoeuvre in incredible ways.  I guess though in his situation he has to be very aware of the dangers of physical injury but he has a hunger and drive to do it anyway!  I get palpitations just thinking about it, what if…

It is impossible to avoid all risk though sadly accidents do happen, but for now I have no overwhelming urge to dust off my mountain bike and do stunts in the Welsh mountains, I will just continue to watch Danny (from behind a cushion!).

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