Monday, 22 December 2014

Neglected Wife

I would consider myself a sporting widow but not of any conventional sport, hubbie does not religiously follow a football team or head to play golf with his mates each weekend.  He has never shown much interest in rugby or horseracing (accept the odd flutter on the grand national!).

Instead the boys prefer extreme sports, they enjoy watching anything high-octane and adrenaline filled, probably as it most suits their slightly feral personalities!  So I was over the moon when Betfair sent me a hamper of pampering treats to give me some attention for a change.  

The boys are usually lost in “insane” action sports, involving high degrees of risk!  I get a little scared just watching the stunts, the very dare devil nature of them is so unlike me…

Fortunately at the moment they only watch them on television or YouTube they have not taken to re-creating their own versions.  I confess I am not particularly talented on a bike, snowboard or skis.  I guess I am lucky that the boys at least are not dragging me out to cold and wet football matches to follow at the sidelines, eating pies and half heartedly waving a team scarf in the air.  I get to have the benefit from cosy central heating (when hubbie relents and lets me turn it on!) and a warm cup of tea, but still I would like it if we could watch a good comedy or romance instead.

If you cannot beat them surely I should just join them, it’s just my heart races seeing the talented individuals diving through the air and landing rather recklessly on the other side!  I do not know how their poor hearts can cope with the anxiety!  I get into enough of a panic just watching them and all the danger they expose themselves too.  The unfortunate thing is if they followed football the season would eventually end and I would get a chance to reclaim the television for a little while but with extreme sports there is always some one doing something reckless…

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