Friday, 19 December 2014

Our Christmas Board Games

We were sent a lovely bundle of John Adams games suited for the older members of the family this time from 8+.  The package was very prettily wrapped complete with a few sweets and a candy cane, as you can imagine this PR Company is one of my favourites!

My children are 5 and 7 but we already all play Rummikub (£22.99), it’s a classic that my mum introduced to us to a while back.  Whenever we have friends over we bring out the board its great entertainment.  I am going to give this new copy to a friend so she can practise at home ready for our next match!  I like how it helps my boys get more confident with numbers, I think its quite an educational game manipulating the sets to try and get rid of all your numbers as quick as possible.  We will be playing this game lots over the Christmas period!  I like seeing how happy my 5-year-old looks when he realises he has found somewhere to place his numbers.  You can almost see the little light bulb turning on above his head.

Think Words and Split Second are both new games to us, they look very promising though and I will enjoy playing them offer the Christmas holidays.  That’s if I can get my family away from Rummikub of course, my hubbie and mum tend to win so we always want a re-match or two to have more of a chance!

Think! Words (£19.99) focuses on word association and is quite exciting with a countdown timer so also very fast paced.  You pick a card and have to come up with words associated with that.  For example if you had wild animal on the card, you could press T and have Tiger and so fourth.  You keep naming an animal and pressing the associated letter until the other players get stuck and are eliminated from the game.

Split Second (£19.99) is a general knowledge game that’s something all of us could do with brushing up on.  You have to think fast literally in a split second!  Once you think you have the correct answer you quickly write it down and launch your paddle into the middle.  With 500 different questions to work your way through you will be quite educated if you play it enough over Christmas!  The children are off school for two weeks so a little learning disguised as a fun game can only do them good.  The questions test different aspects of knowledge even getting your child to do some calculations like “How many legs? 1 x cow, 3 x ducks and 2 x pigs”.  If you have indulged in the Christmas tipple working out the answer might be tougher and more entertaining than you think!!!

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