Sunday, 7 December 2014

PayPal Saving Christmas #PayPalMoments

PayPal want all of us to make the most of the time we have in the run up to Christmas.  Far too much of it is spent trekking around shops or frantically searching for our payment details if we do happen to take our present buying search online.  I can never find my wallet; I am so forgetful I never know where it is!  So trying to complete an online purchase often involves a panicked hunt around the entire house just to attempt to locate it!  Last time it was hidden underneath a pile of coats… hubbie always looks on in despair!

PayPal on the other hand is so convenient and easy, it’s a simple process to check out (even your address details are stored handily!) and it leaves more time for the magical moments, the ones your children will cherish.  

Now all the presents are arriving on our doorstep with no fuss or hassle and fortunately no frenzied battling through the Christmas crowds.  We can snuggle in as a family, making play snow or visiting Santa in one of his many grottos.  Those are the experiences I want my children to remember from their childhood, not being dragged from one shop to the next to get a long list of presents. 

We live quite far from civilisation, so its not as easy as nipping to the shops, you have to hop into the car and drive a considerable distance.  With PayPal accepted in so many different shops it was a real treat doing our Christmas shopping online this year.  Using PayPal takes the worry out of shopping online too, if for any reason your purchase never showed up or did not match its description you are covered by their Buyer Protection.  It is comforting knowing you have that security.  We had issues once with a flooring company and PayPal sorted it out efficiently.

I do not want to give any Christmas spoilers about the presents we have bought, but suffice to say hampers, aftershave and a generous selection of toys might be featuring.  

I also made a point of getting hubbie and I Christmas jumpers this year as so far only the boys had them.  I had no issues with any of the sites I used and the PayPal system worked flawlessly.

You can share your magical moments on the PayPal facebook page for a chance to win some amazing prizes!  It’s really lovely reading what has made other people happy; it gives you a real Christmas glow.  If that was not enough PayPal also have a win Christmas promotion that lasts until the 24th of December.  Make sure you register at that link to be included.

Thank you for PayPal for taking the stress out of Christmas.

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