Sunday, 21 December 2014

Scruffs Review

My hubbie was sent one of the Scruffs polo shirts to introduce us to the brand.  I had not heard of Scruffs before but my first impressions were very positive.  The polo shirt looked lovely and felt like a quality item.  The website says that it is “Workwear” and the polo shirt certainly felt like it was hardwearing.  It has been washed numerous times already, hubbie really likes it so washes and wears it then repeats the process so its either on him or in the wash!  It has not made it as far as being left hanging in the wardrobe.

I doubt you could return to your regular workwear brand once you have seen what Scruffs offers.  They are an established company that have been running since 2003, I can see why; they have managed to make clothes with a great design and superior function.  I do not even think that the Scruffs brand should be restricted to trades people, lots of individuals want clothes that will help them look good and keep them comfortable in all conditions.  We live in Wales and just a walk to the shops can expose you to extreme weather! 

I would definitely order more items from the site, some of the products are priced very reasonably, like hoodie’s from £29.95 and the polo shirt sent for review £19.95.  I have seen a fair few items that hubbie would look great in; the Crew Neck Knit in particular would be my favourite.  The design is very modern but with a hardwearing and practical twist, it is fully lined to offer more protection so if your working outside you can look stylish but also be warm.

The Bottle Opener Belt would make an interesting gift!  Why settle for a plain old belt when you can have a dual purpose one, you can hold your jeans in place AND open a well earnt bottle of beer at the end of the working day, all for the reasonable price of £11.95!

You can search the website for your closest dealer so you can still pick up some Scruffs items in time for Christmas.

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