Monday, 8 December 2014

Sugru Fixing Up Christmas

I love this mouldable glue that turns into rubber.  Sugru comes in a great range of colours, to add a bit of interest to your DIY projects.  I have found it has come in quite handy; I have used it to temporarily add the stencils to our door to then spray with snow and to attach little sticks to our Christmas photo booth cards so we can add a comedy moustache, beard or Santa hat in our pictures during the run up to Christmas.

Sugru comes in a handy tin and in separate little packets to keep it fresh.  

My youngest who considers himself somewhat of an inventor likes it because it means more possibilities for him to stick random stuff together, so although initially I was not sure about their Christmas stocking contents suggestion I have changed my mind for my youngest this would be an ideal item for him!  He has now watched the home alone films so I would not put it past him to try and use them to make booby traps of some kind!!!  Watch this space…

Reading more on the Sugru website I have realised just how versatile the product is, to be fair I do not think we have tested it to its full capacity!  Although if I am honest I do not get much of a chance with my youngest pinching it off me at every opportunity, he opened another packet today because he needed too!

It really sounds like an item everyone should own.  It can fill gaps; it can renew signs (rubbing it in to them gives them a new leash of life) and can even be used in the fridge (remarkably its cool proof up to –60 degrees Celsius!).  If you’re an avid gardener you can use Sugru to fix your favourite gardening tools, it’s amazing how much you could save by fixing it up rather than throwing it away.

The limited edition tin is available to purchase for £9.99.  So if you want a bit of a novelty gift for a fixer upper or just an inquisitive child this innovative product is for you.

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