Friday, 5 December 2014

The Sims 4 Review

Hands up I admit it I am completely hooked on Sims 4, the odd day where I have skipped blogging its because I am immersed in my new computer game.  But of course in the interest of writing a thorough review I had to make sure I really knew what the game was all about!

First off its fun creating characters, you have so many options including ones surrounding personality and traits.  It makes moulding your SIMS an in-depth and rewarding process.  It’s amusing getting to manipulate so many characteristics, you can even mess with genetics and make a mini version of yourself.

My character Sarah Foster was a confident and outgoing personality; she took a job as an entertainer and had to deal with heckling crowds!  In the time I played her she had a promotion at work, become someone’s best friend and very slowly attempted to build up her measly possessions into something more substantial.  Then my husband has a go and built up a wonderful looking house with all the latest mod con’s changed it to free real estate and got the expensive house for free!!!  Suddenly my little box home I was so proud of did not look quite so impressive…

So I went back and recreated Sarah Foster, although hubbie put me as family orientated instead of letting me go with my wild ultra ego!  She now lives in a very plush house, it means my initial starting money can afford me to hire a cleaner and live contentedly.  I am still going to work its good to keep busy, even when you have a healthy bank balance (Sarah added 19 freezers to the house and then sold them at 11k a pop when she moved in, sensible girl I must say!).  I like that you can either scrimp and save or start the game very comfortably.  I have two levels, three bathrooms and a home gym!

It’s such an interesting game to play, I thought it would be a little boring when Sarah Foster went to work but you can fast forward time, do a spot of housework (cheaper than hiring a cleaner, just put items in the bin yourself!) or if you have more characters, Sarah moved her best friend in, then they might work at different times so you always have someone to keep you occupied.

I need to up my game though as I threw a party and it was a massive failure, everyone looked bored, my cheap cooker set on fire and the fridge leaked water everywhere as I was trying desperately to fix it!  Talk about timings when you’re trying to impress your newfound friends… although I have yet to entertain in my new fancy house.  I am sure a party there would be an instant success!!!

The Sims 4 is only available on PC.  You can enter a competition to win your own copy here and you can buy it for £49.99 from The Sims website.

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