Thursday, 18 December 2014

Tickets for the Christmas Panto

For Christmas I have a mental checklist to make sure we get through everything, visit grotto, book panto tickets, dig out the Elf!!!  I like us to do lots of different things, although I think I might have gone slightly overboard as the boys are now full of winter bugs and completely exhausted!  We have had a fever, rash and sickness over the space of a week.  I do not think the ice-skating in the rain helped matters much either!!!  Although I now have Santa lethargy so staying indoors might not be a bad thing, I am not sure I can face another grotto when we have already been to about seven!

I am hoping the boys will pick up again in time for the pantomime, fortunately they usually run into January so fingers crossed they will be much better by then.  I like the sound of the Cinderella panto in Coventry; Cinderella is such a good story, appealing to both boys and girls usually down to the comedy duo of the ugly sisters.  I like seeing Cinderella in her beautiful dress and the boys enjoy the slapstick humour.

We tend to watch amateur dramatic society panto’s usually and although they can be very good its nice occasionally to see ones with a bigger budget and more flamboyant costumes and backdrops.  Panto is ideal for children, as there always seems to be an opportunity to shout out and get directly involved in the show.  A couple of times my boys have even ended up on stage singing much to everyone’s amusement.

If we headed to Coventry though I would make a mini break out of it, booking a hotel for the night like this one Holiday Inn Coventry and squeezing in another couple of local activities in the area.  When you live in the sticks you tend to appreciate having access to civilisation and try and make the most of your visit!  I try and keep to a hotel chain I am familiar with, as I do not want any bad experiences travelling with the boys.  I have always found the Holiday Inn to be clean, modern and inviting with very friendly staff.  Plus this hotel in particular has an indoor pool, which when you have kids is a godsend!  A little bit of extra entertainment to wear them out before bedtime always helps for a restful sleep.

Looking at the Visit Coventry website I have seen a few attractions that would interest the boys, the Coventry transport museum which is having extensive redevelopments is already looking very impressive and being indoors is handy at this time of year.  I think I need to keep the boys out of the cold as much as possible.  Let’s hope the germs decide to leave us alone, I think we have had our fair share these last few days!  Maybe I should ask the fairy godmother to magic them away...

Imagine Theatre

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