Wednesday, 10 December 2014

toxicfox Review

Fear not I am not reviewing radioactive foxes but something much more favourable.  toxicfox actually feature a range of delightful gifts and I was sent a selection of them to see what they offered.  I was very impressed the site is very user friendly, so picking out a gift for a loved one is very simple and my items arrived well packaged and in a timely manner.

toxicfox is most widely known for its ClaireaBella range and Typography of LOVE products but they actually have a wide variety of Christmas gifts suitable for all members of the family.  Believe it or not I think the Elephant Poo In A Box (£7.99) will be the highlight for my eldest when he finds it in his stocking.  Anything to do with poo gets my boys to break out in laughter so this will amuse him no end!  I think it will be more entertaining than his ipad mini but boys will be boys…

Claireabella bags are a real treat, its quite novel being able to personalise a bag with your name, hair colour, eye colour, skin tone and outfit!  The customisation process is really easy to follow (you can see what you will look like before you order!) and I like that they even offer a pregnant version.  It would make a sweet present for a baby shower; you could then fill it with baby items too!

I can see why Claireabella is so popular, the jute bag I was sent has lots of lovely little details, like ribbon and sequins that really help it stand out as a quality bag.  It was a decent size and a strong bag so very practical as well as looking gorgeous.

The TOL frame was the highlight in my delivery; the black frame and twinkly sequins make it stand out on the wall.  I love the sentiment behind these types of frames, you select a word to go in the middle and then can surround it in other words of your choosing.  We had a heart design but there are other options to pick from.  Whenever I look at it I feel a swell of love for everyone in our family, words like Adventure, Inspire, Memories seem well tailored to us.  But you have the flexibility to come up with your own design.

Thank you toxicfox for giving us a sneak peek of your Christmas gifts and now I have whet your appetite you can also get 10% off with the code TFBlog.

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  1. Those bags are just gorgeous! We have one and my girl loves it x