Saturday, 20 December 2014

University Plans

When my boys get older I have big hopes they will want to head off to University and pursue their dreams.  My eldest has said he would like to be a doctor.  Cambridge University is an exceptionally high-ranking university, fourth in the world for 2014 and has a fantastic Medicine course.

It would be amazing if he could head off there, although I know when the time comes for my boys to fly the nest I will be a nervous bundle of energy!  Wanting to make sure they have enough supplies in, wondering how they will manage in a new area and hoping their digs are good enough.

I have lived in various student accommodation in my time, I was 16 when I left home for college and some of the offerings were better than others.  Some of the rooms were tiny and very sparsely furnished!  I would prefer my boys had a comfortable place in a decent area.  There is the Accommodation Service provided by the University but with so many students after decent housing it can be hard getting sorted in time.

I would be tempted to look at Cambridge estate agents like Strutt & Parker to actually buy something for them.  We could actually rent out the other rooms to help with the cost and if they eventually settled in that area they would have a step up the market and have a first home ready and waiting or it could continue as a buy-to-let investment once they have moved.  With Medicine being such a long course it would make sense to buy a property rather than waste so much money renting one.

According to this article the top universities are in high demand and investing in student properties seems a wise investment.  You can get higher rental yields in the most successful student towns.  The article said that Cambridge particularly was a good area to enter the buy-to-let market as the university keeps developing and the population is set to swell over the next 10 years.  Cambridge has lots of growth potential and is a solid university.  Although I will be proud of my boys wherever they head!  I loved my university days!!!

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