Saturday, 24 January 2015

Colour Me Wellies Review

My boys were very excited when a pair of these fabulous wellies arrived for each of them.  They are such a clever idea; we were sent both of the current designs Zebra and Moth.  The wellies also come complete with three vibrant art markers to get colouring in your masterpiece.  The pens have two sides making it easier to do fine lines or broader strokes.

Rather than just decorate the picture itself the boys art continued all over the wellies.  It’s great to see them expressing themselves creatively and it’s a wonderful activity for all the family.  It’s nice them having the freedom to customise the wellies to their own taste.

Personally I would like to see them increase the size range currently its 11 – 1 my boys are both in the biggest size already, it would be lovely for older children to have the same opportunity to decorate their wellies too.  It would be shame for children to miss out on such an innovative idea!

I could imagine it as a wonderful party activity; children colour in their wellies then take them home instead of a party bag!  You then have the entertainment covered and do not have to buy lots of little random bits for children to take away.  At £20 for a decent pair of wellies and factoring in all the fun colouring in I think they are well worth the money.

My eldest son put lots of care and attention into his drawing, he wanted to keep in the lines and take his time.  

Youngest just went for it, the colours were bold and the zebra had exceptionally big bright red eyes!  But he is very happy with his wellies and keen to wear them to show everyone his handiwork.

They certainly have their own unique style now!!! x

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El RHEY realise just how important creativity is for children’s development.  It might inspire them to become future fashion designers or artists, but most of all rainy days will never be the same thanks to Colour Me Wellies.

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