Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Dinner Set Review

You would think we were Greek with all the plates we manage to get through!  So I was very pleased to be sent a selection for review, we were down to the last few so it was getting close to having our dinner on side plates or eating out of takeaway boxes I can tell you.

I do not want to spend a huge amount on my dishes because inevitably they slowly get smashed just like their predecessors!  I want them to look nice and be functional for the short time they chose to co-operate and remain whole.  The dinner set range at BHS is great as they vary in price from very affordable to a bit more fancy.

I picked out the Black/White Stripe 12 piece dinner set which was very reasonable for £24.99.  As a family of four this was just perfect for us.  They have a few different designs at £24.99 including a vintage styled Paris design with sweet butterflies that is very nice.

Although if you are willing to spend a bit more the Denby range is very good, it seems more hardwearing (it might be its special glaze!) so possibly next time I invest in a dinner set I might experiment with spending more and seeing if they last longer.  The Denby Black Pasta bowls (£25.00) we were also sent certainly seemed a quality item; my hubbie only ever wants to eat out of them from now on!  Fortunately they are durable enough for everyday use.

They do hold a decent amount of food, we regularly have pasta, as it’s an easy meal that the boys will eat, but using our usual bowls I never felt my tummy was well catered for!  These bowls hold much more and the pasta looks appealing in such an attractive bowl.

Both my items arrived intact, always a worry having dishes sent through the post but these were in protective bubble wrap and survived the journey.  


  1. That is very reasonably priced....It looks a fab set! We're the same here....We go through lots of plates! I keep saying I'm going to buy paper plates to save money....lol x