Monday, 19 January 2015

Finalising plans for our Master Suite

It’s hard living in a renovation project all our money goes on boring behind the scenes work that is necessary but you cannot really see the advantage of.  Re-pointing, new joists and rewiring have cost us a small fortune but visitors cannot see where the money has gone!  I want to skip to the fun part filling the rooms with lovely furniture and finally getting more comfortable in our surroundings. 

With a bigger house we have more options when we eventually get to the furnishing stage, so I am thinking on a grander scale.  I might as well make the most of the space we now have.  Up to this point hubbie and I always shared one wardrobe and then it had to be kept in the box room in our old house because it never managed to fit into our actual bedroom. 

But the plans for our new bedroom look more promising.  I could even research modern walk in wardrobes like the ones from Urban Wardrobes.  

Not that I quite have the shoes or clothes needed to fill it!  But that’s something that might change with time, my capsule wardrobe is far too limited I would love to have more options when it comes to deciding what to wear, especially when I am off to exclusive blogger events where everyone seems to know about fashion and is dressed beautifully!!!

I like the luxurious nature of owning a walk in wardrobe, like the ones you see in some films.  Remarkably walk in wardrobes are actually considered as enticing as being close to a good school when it comes to buying a house, this article was quite revealing!  Buyers want high-spec features so if you do install one then it might be easier to sell your house when the time comes round.  More and more property listings are actually mentioning them if you do have one.  I like the idea of everything being tucked away out of sight so your actual bedroom can be a place of tranquility and order.  At the moment chaos reigns supreme, mainly because hubbie still has yet to learn the importance of picking up his clothes!!!  Who else has a hubbie just like mine???   Hubbie's wardrobe always seems to be the floor... (usually its MUCH worse than this!).  Perhaps a proper walk in wardrobe would give him more pride in his belongings!!!

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