Thursday, 29 January 2015

Galaxy Quick Reads

I was sent a couple of Galaxy Quick Reads books and a yummy bar of chocolate from Galaxy.  It was an indulgent treat for me, I love reading but since having the boys and establishing this blog I do not have enough time for myself.  

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But these books are the perfect size for an evening sitting.  Turn off the television, forget about the housework, tuck into bed or under a blanket on the sofa, unwrap a bar of Galaxy and make it all about immersing yourself into one of their six interesting reads!  I find reading helps me sleep better at night, it relaxes me in a way television or playing computer games never can.

Shorter stories are a great way to introduce people to a love of reading or just encourage them to try another genre.  I tend to stick to romantic comedies now but I used to be fan of thrillers, these days I am much too soft I like a happy ending more than anything!!!  

At £1 a book it’s very affordable, I like the idea of giving friends a book and a chocolate bar to cheer them up!  The whole set of books at £6 would equally be a lovely gift for anyone, teamed with Galaxy chocolate you cannot go wrong.

The Quick Reads initiative was started because one in six adults of working age have trouble reading; I grew up with my nose always in a book so I cannot imagine not being a confident reader.  I think its great companies like Galaxy are getting behind the initiative and sponsoring these books.  You can find more information on the website.  I will definitely be hunting out Street Bob Cat I want to read all about the adventures in this unlikely friendship and its great having a true story in the line-up of books for 2015.

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  1. I love these and will definitely be on the lookout for them. Great price too and they'd be great for encouraging teenagers to read more too