Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Glad to have LEGO in our lives

I love it that my boys are both big fans of LEGO, it has proven to be a really good activity for them.  It helps them express themselves creatively building vehicles much like the ones that appear in Wacky Races, coming up with different story lines about people on adventures or just being able to follow instructions when they decide to use the included booklet and make the suggested model.

My two are quite keen on screen time now and I like to encourage them to have regular breaks and LEGO is a wonderful distraction from the computer.  They have drawers full of different sets that they enjoy digging through and finding the perfect piece for their creation.  I remember growing up with LEGO in my life and I am so glad the boys are following suit.  I must confess I was never a doll girl it was all about the LEGO.

Eldest enjoys the LEGO Hero Factory range best of all, Tesco Direct have a great selection although we have built up quite a collection as part of our LEGO Ambassador role.  We are fortunate to receive regular deliveries to showcase on my blog.  I am not sure if the boys realise quite how lucky there are.  The LEGO Hero Factory range is exciting with lots of figures for action scenes, will the good guys conquer the alien invasion and put everything back right in the world!  The characters are quite elaborate, with moving parts and shooting weapons.

Hubbie is great at getting down to there level and building LEGO with them, encouraging them and giving them praise as they go along.  Children of this age love coming up with solutions to problems, even if they can be a little outlandish at times!  It’s important to develop that critical mind though and LEGO gives them the materials to explore the world around them and give them confidence in their motor skills as they deal with smaller bricks and more challenging building projects.

You can read more about children’s development and how LEGO can help with that on the LEGO website.

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