Saturday, 3 January 2015

Good Bubble Review

My boys are always especially keen to get showered or hop into the bath when they have new products to review.  They liked the delicate smell of the Good Bubble Hair & Body Wash and Bubble Bath products we were sent.  The packaging was appealing too with the playful creature Dexter on the front.

Now they are getting a little older they like their own independence to wash their hair and clean their body, the only thing with this is they can be a bit overenthusiastic with how much product they use and I always worry it will end up in their poor eyes! 

So its very important for me that any shampoo and body wash products I buy will not irritate them, fortunately Good Bubble has a tear-free formulation.  This is very reassuring; as although I supervise the time they spend in the bathroom they get quite cross if I try and oversee the washing process itself!!!

My boys are growing up!  I guess it’s inevitable but least I can still be there in my own way by helping make sure they have suitable products to wash with.  My eldest son had problems with a supermarket brand of shampoo it seemed to make his scalp very itchy so I am glad I have had an opportunity to try out some of the Good Bubble range and give the boys a welcome break from harsh chemicals.

Good Bubble is produced by an established soap making firm but one that realises how important natural products are for children.  We always want the best for our children but how often do we overlook the contents of bath and shampoo products.  Well I certainly will be paying more attention from now on and aiming to get products that are free from sulfates, parabens, silicone, PEG, phthalates and artificial colour.  On top of that I like that the Good Bubble brand focuses on super fruits, you can get Strawberry anywhere but how often can you buy Dragon Fruit or Cloudberry products!

You can buy the range of products from their online shop on the Good Bubble website.

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