Sunday, 11 January 2015

How My Hobby Has Grown

It’s amazing how many different friends have asked about blogging since I first started.  My little blog has grown over the years and along the way I have learnt some bits and pieces.  I think most people ask because they like the sound of the opportunities but they do not just fall in my lap, I have to commit to completing work in a timely manner, have to rally the troops (the boys do not always want to have a photograph taken!) and badger hubbie for help if it’s anything technical related.  It’s a team effort and we all play our part.  Sometimes I question WHY we needed yet another toy when the boys are not playing ball and refuse to smile unless I bribe them with sweets!!! 

Often I feel like I could do with a secretary to get through all my emails, my inbox is a scary place, thousands upon thousands of unread messages and countless more messages I have flagged as a reminder to reply when I have more time but that time never comes.  I wonder if I could train eldest to take on an administrational role to keep the blog growing nicely, he could wear his suit and get a head start in the world of work!  But at seven I am not sure what his reply would be… probably missing the word PLEASE for starters!

I often daydream about my blog hoping to achieve more, but I am happy with all the friends I have made along the way.  My traffic on the whole is pretty good I have managed to get to 8 in the tots100 in December, which was a lovely surprise.  But I do not think some media planning would hurt, with some targeted advertising the world could be my oyster… although it would have to be on the small scale.  Although my blogging friend over at Sparkles & Stretchmarks managed to get on TV, she appeared on itv this morning, bless I think it takes a lot of courage to go on live television and she did a wonderful job.

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