Thursday, 29 January 2015

My Gorgeous Flamingo Gifts

I love it when you stumble upon a site you then genuinely fall in love with!  I was sent a selection of items to showcase just some of the lovely products Flamingo gifts have.  I was so impressed I ordered my good friends birthday presents from here last week!  The choice is amazing, lots of variety and very reasonable, something to suit all budgets really.  The best bit on top of all that is the postage, delivery is (wait for it!!!) 1p.

Usually delivery is so expensive it means I cannot spoil my friends as much as I would like but with Flamingo gifts you certainly do not have that problem.  My friend had a sweet smelling candle, a cat mug and a cute Russian Doll lip balm.  I have a feeling LOTS of friends and family will be getting presents from here from now on.  I love how some of the gifts are quite humorous or very unique.  You really will find something for everyone in the vast collection of gifts.

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I was sent the snug Microwavable Bagpuss Slippers (£16.99); these are perfect for cold winter nights when I am sat at my desk blogging, feet on the freezing laminate flooring.  Now I can just pop the slippers in the microwave for 2 minutes (less depending on how powerful your microwave is!) and then enjoy them defrosting in a soft comfortable slipper!  It stays cosy for a considerable while, but if you feel you need more heat once they have cooled off you can repeat and microwave all over again!  The lavender scent is very soothing and relaxing, ideal for just before bed.  Plus they are adorable to look at, they are the type of slippers you would not move around wearing them they are more for indulgent warmth when you are sat still!

Youngest was quick to claim the Star Wars Force Reversible Single Duvet Set (£17.99), he watched his first film the other night so was thrilled he could go to sleep surrounded in all his new favourite characters.  They also have Frozen bedding for the girls on the website, so its worth knowing as Frozen items seem to sell like hot cakes!

The final item was my gorgeous new mug (£8)!  I shall only drink tea from this from now on; I like being Mummy Bear and now have a mug saying just that.  I think this would be a wonderful gift for Mothers day then come Fathers day you could get the Daddy Bear mug for your partner to complete the set.  It would be nice if they did some baby bear ones too though!  Although the "Bearing Up" one probably sums life with kids better!

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  1. Loving the Bagpuss Slippers! ;) , Thanks for sharing this site, I have just had a brief peek and will definitely be using it for upcoming birthdays.