Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Shopping Sensibly

It pays to be frugal never make a purchase on the spur of the moment, take time to research your options and find the best deal.  Impulse buying is the worst; you’re just out and about and see something you NEED in your life!  I do not think it’s the best purchasing decision you can make.  Far better to see the cheapest place you can buy it with price comparison sites and then when you settle on a store see if you can reduce the price even further.

I must admit I have a cheeky habit of trying to blog something first, if that fails I shop around before buying and I always make sure I use any available discounts.  Every week when I do my Tesco shop without fail I desperately search online for a couple of quid off, because frankly it all helps!  With my boys getting grander and grander idea’s about birthday and Christmas presents I need to use every trick in the book!

VoucherBin is one such site, you can see the best discounts and codes for 2015 as soon as you head there.  You can search by popular categories if you have a particular purchase in mind, like me with toys!  We have just got over Christmas and I need to start planning a few presents for February already as my youngest will be turning 6.  Hamleys currently have 50% off selected items so that might be a good place to start, but the discounts cover lots of different stores and types of toys so I should easily get his birthday sorted here.

With these voucher sites its important to check back regularly, lots of offers have an expiry date or will run out if a certain number of people decide to take advantage of them.  I would never go back to shopping on the high street unless I had a smart phone with me to double check I am not paying over the odds!  Also sign up to any available loyalty cards, I am slowly building up a collection of points for Tesco, which I plan to use on days out.  It’s tough times these days, money does not go very far so you have to shop sensibly.

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