Sunday, 25 January 2015

Soaking in the Bath

I love having a long indulgent bath; it really relaxes your body and helps with aching muscles.  I always feel so much better maybe because a bath is a chance to have some “me time”, being surrounded by heaps of bubbles, maybe with a candle flickering the background, often a face mask plastered on for good measure!  I can forget about the troubles of the day in my little sanctuary.

Remarkably though according to this infographic by most commonly people are only having four baths a year!  I know I shower considerably more as a rule but even I take time out to soak much more regularly than that!  

Surely the children average would bring the figure up, my boys always prefer a bath to a shower.  Probably because they have more opportunities to be mischievous in the bath though, bubbles seem to cover the floor and a water pistol usually features and if I get too close I get blasted!

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The average bath time is 20 minutes apparently I stay in until the water gets lukewarm then I hop out into a fluffy towel.  Although now in the new house we have a steel enamel bath and that keeps its temperature for much longer than our old acrylic bath ever did.  So if you are a regular in the bathtub its worthwhile thinking about the material it’s made of if you want to soak for longer.

The only reason I do shower mainly is down to time it’s always a little manic here, getting the boys ready for school or cramming in everything we need to do in a day.  But if I had my way I would go wrinkly in the bath every night.  I have been tempted to use my smart phone in the bath like the ¼ surveyed by I would panic it would drop in and be ruined!  So instead I think it’s nice to have a break from social media and just de-stress instead.

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