Wednesday, 21 January 2015

#watermadeexciting with Sodastream

Sodastream have been working alongside Change4Life to help make water more exciting after recent research found children are not drinking the recommended daily intake of water.  We have been taking part in a little test to see if fizzy water would encourage my boys to drink more water.  The survey had indicated that boredom was a key part in children not drinking enough water so adding fizz was one easy avenue to try.  It seems parents are eager to try anything from bribery to making the drink itself seem more appealing with straws, ice cubes or an exciting new cup.

I must admit I find it hard to get eldest to drink any fluids, I have to keep an eye on his cup to make sure he has something, he will otherwise leave the table without having as much as a sip of his drink.  Even fruit juices and squashes can be hit and miss, he just focuses on chomping down his meal!  I was worried the other day as he said he had pain in his lower back and sides and I think it was down to not getting enough water during the day.  Dehydration can cause a surprising degree of discomfort so it’s vital to encourage your children to drink enough to stay healthy and happy.

My youngest certainly enjoyed the bubbles; his older brother was willing to give it a try too.  I think with Sodastream its great they can be involved in adding the fizz they liked pressing down and watching the water transform into a sparkling drink.  

Bottled still water got the thumbs down!

Bubbles are never boring and water is certainly more agreeable for our family now.  There are other fantastic benefits if I continue to get the boys to drink sparkling water it will be better for their teeth because its sugar free and overall it works cheaper than coming up with a variety of creative ways to get them to drink more.

Thank you Sodastream for providing me with a healthier solution to hydrating my boys.


  1. I have the same issue with my eldest and water, although he does drink a lot of squash...youngest is fine and love water thankfully! I think adding bubbles is worth a shot with mine and maybe adding sliced oranges so he can think he's drinking orange squash...we shall see!

  2. Sounds like a good way to encourage drinking water. Sometimes H forgets and gets a headache.