Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Week Three Jan 2015

Our little puppy has been spayed, it was awful leaving her at the vet’s overnight and I was worried she would think we had abandoned her.  The next morning could not come round quick enough and we set off in earnest to collect her.  She had to have lots of rest to heal and was very tender so has been feeling sorry for herself in her crate.  I felt mean but they vet said its for the best to keep her in there as much as possible to stop her opening the stitches.  She has to have a 10 day break from walks too, which seems to go on forever!

The vet did not give her a cone around her head to stop her getting at the stitches as they said she was doing a good job leaving them alone, which was a relief for her, as dogs never look particularly comfortable wearing them.  The vet did not prescribe pain relief either which at first I thought was a bit harsh but they explained its to stop them feeling better then overdoing it!  It’s not like a human who might understand their limits tuck in bed for a week and be glad of an excuse to watch lots of films…

The boys have enjoyed a trip to the panto, it was another amateur dramatic affair and at one point I thought the fog machine was going to take us out the smoke was very heavy!!!  We were feverishly wafting it away with our hands so we could breath again… but the boys and their friends had a fabulous time, chain eating sweets and watching the plot unfold.

I had a friend come over to see our new house for the first time and she bought me these beautiful roses as a present.  

She was very positive about the new place, which cheered me up no end, as hubbie and I were having a minor wobble about it the other day!  We were worried we had taken on too much so the encouragement helped put things in perspective.

My youngest made me giggle he enjoyed watching the film Esio Trot and crafted his own little tortoise crane out of bits out of daddies office.  He is such an inventor that boy!  He loves making traps (we have watched rather a lot of the Home Alone films!) and other random things out of bits around the house.  Getting him to sit down and read is another matter all together but when it comes to inventing things he is in a league of his own.

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  1. Glad the pantomime was enjoyed. I love it when they create their own inventions - so cute.