Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Before #wallsaucemakeover

Some of our rooms are making progress but they were lacking a certain something, so I was thrilled to review a mural from wallsauce.  Standard magnolia paint on every wall with little deviation can get a little dull, especially in the boys rooms.  They have a playroom filled with all their toys and the boring choice of paint did not suit their active imaginations and love of adventure.  The walls are practically calling out to be made more fun!

The playroom was not very creative, it was a nice enough room don’t get my wrong but it was missing the wow factor.  A focal point the children would love to show their friends and inspire them in play.  It is their section of the house after all, their own space to do as they please so it made sense to have a bold mural to differentiate from our one bland colour scheme!  My safe colour might suit my personality but certainly not theirs. 

They are starting to really get into superhero’s and epic battles, so we needed something to reflect that aspect of their character.  wallsauce had so many options that it was difficult settling on one.  In the end we chose Batman as it’s a character that children tend not to grow out of, even now I am quite partial to the odd Batman film.  We could have selected one of the colourful cartoon murals but we decided on a realistic film set one from Dark Knight, all dark and brooding.  I thought it would work just as well when they are teens and the plastic boxes of toys are slowly replaced with a sofa, TV screen and mini fridge full of pop as they watch movies with their friends.

We had a BIG wall to cover so we also wanted something to create an impact.  Plus our walls are very rustic (and that’s being kind about them!); when we stripped back old wallpaper we uncovered an assortment of bumps and cracks!  We cannot afford to re-plaster yet but it’s amazing the multitude of sins a decent mural can cover!  But we will show you more about the mural itself in our after post including a video of the boys thoughts.

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