Saturday, 21 February 2015

educraft Craft Packs for Kids

I was very impressed with how much was included in the packet, ample resources to make the craft items such as paint, glue, glitter, card, tissue paper and modelling clay and on top of all that a lovely book, a pair of chopsticks and a couple of hong bao envelopes.

The steps were easy to follow and included lots of supplementary information.  The boxes are themed we had the Chinese New Year box; it is a great way to introduce children to different traditions (like the use of chopsticks and the hong bao envelopes).

Children will develop so much more than their creative skills.  Lots of different areas can be improved; you can try a scientific experiment or make a recipe (these extras you will need to supply yourself but they do make for interesting additional activities if you have time to fill!).  You can really tell teachers have created the packs; the activities are so well thought out and linked to the curriculum.

The only thing is my boys are always eager to start a project but always as keen to complete it.  Fortunately you have plenty of variety in this set, which helped them both pick things they liked doing.  Youngest at 5 enjoys painting and eldest was keen to use the modelling clay and read the book.

Modelling his dragon mask and waving his pom poms around!

We made a Chinese Lantern, I loved the idea of a balloon on the inside we have never tried that before, it helps it keep a nice shape.

I have reviewed these types of sets before but educraft seems to do more in the way of educating your child.  Overall the boys were very pleased with this set.  It was an easy way to get them crafting, it was simplified with everything to hand and all the stages described in vivid detail.  These craft packs are ideal entertainment for when you have rainy days and children climbing the walls!  Also perfect for the long school holidays when you’re worrying how to fill them.

You can find out more information on the educraft website.  The first pack is only £6.49, which is nothing short of an absolute bargain!

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