Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Equipping for Geocaching

We are quite an outdoorsy family as a rule, we enjoy long walks with our gorgeous pup but since we have started geocaching we want to spend every weekend hiking up mountains, exploring woods and hanging about at train stations (surprisingly lots of stations seem to have a cache!).  We have realised to be outside so much, we are not really properly prepared for it, well especially not at this time of year anyway!  I have been thinking the boys need some walking boots; our wellies do not seem to give us much grip particularly when we are tackling the difficult terrains, scaling steep rocky ground!

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We are very determined, if we do not find a cache straight away we keep looking, we hate the thought it might defeat us.  If it means we start shivering in the process so be it!  Once we get an idea in our heads we like to reach a satisfactory conclusion.  It’s so gratifying when you finally lay eyes on the cache.  We have had to get used to lots of different variants, some very clever hiding places like a sneaky false stone with the log book hidden inside…

It’s time we dressed for all that time in the cold, being new to geocaching we still have so much to learn.  We may well get quicker as time goes on but for now we are very much novices.  I like searching on instagram with the hashtag #geocache to see what other people are up to all around the world.  It’s HUGE!  I have decided to get us all some North Face jackets so we can stay cosy hunting for the next cache.  Hubbie is after a multi-cache, I am not sure he really knows what this but it all sounds very exciting all the same.

Have you ever been geocaching? Where would you recommend we try next?

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