Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hotter Donna Review

With a title like that you could wonder what on earth I was reviewing!  But on this occasion its shoes from Hotter, which are especially gorgeous and I love the colour, dark aqua works really well.

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Another reason I am a big fan of this style is that they are so versatile; they quickly dress up jeans or add further sophistication to my little black dress.  They are very comfortable to wear which is a welcome plus!  You want shoes that look good but don’t compromise when it comes to comfort, especially if you have a long night of partying ahead of you!  Whatever the occasion these heels will impress, a wedding, a day at the office or just a night in the pub, these heels will get noticed and receive very favourable comments.

The heel is manageable not too high but enough to give you an air of confidence!  According to some interesting research supposedly men are more likely to help a lady in heels than in flats!  So I guess from now on I will be slipping into my Donna heels as often as possible…  it’s apparently down to heels changing your posture and making you look more feminine!  So if you want to look like a damsel in distress the higher the heel the better, who knows you might find your Prince Charming!

The Donna Heels cost £85, but with Hotter you do get a better quality product, I have found most of the time when I have bought cheaper shoes they just do not last very long at all so it’s a false economy.  These are such elegant shoes, I feel more assured when I wear them.  If I am honest my usual shoe is a flat trainer or a Wellington boot to take the boys on long muddy hikes with the dog!  But with this shoe I feel almost like a princess and its nice to have a bit of glamour in my life now and then.

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