Friday, 20 February 2015

How We Got On #FloraFamilyFun

Half term would have been considerably harder without Flora’s help.  The activity guide they have produced is ideal to inspire you to craft and bake with your children.  The activities are straightforward and your children get a real sense of satisfaction seeing what they have made.

I think as a parent you do feel under pressure to be creative but it’s a lot easier than you think!  The guide is well set out with a list of what you need and a how to section.  There are also suggestions at the bottom of each page for older or younger children to develop the theme.  You can really tell a parent made the guide because it’s tailored so well to children.  Each activity is relatively short so children remain focused and concentrating on the project.  Many of the items you need you will probably find you have already, like plastic bottles and egg cartons.

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Without school we have had lots of time to fill and having structured activities has elevated boredom and helped focus their energy in a constructive way.  Otherwise they have a dreadful habit of badgering me for screen time, its usually Minecraft this and Minecraft that!  I have relished seeing them embracing the contents of the guide and getting stuck into the activities.  Usually I try and get them to spend lots of time outdoors but the weather has been a bit hit and miss this week, so the guide has been a real lifesaver.

We have tried a variety of activities and learnt some new tips.  For one I never knew that hand sanitizer gel helps food colouring to distribute evenly.  The pasta certainly looked very colourful for using it anyway!  

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I am really glad that when the boys do go back on Monday they will have had the opportunity to try out so many new activities.  It will certainly have made this holiday a memorable one and they have had the chance to do some learning without even realising it, like measuring out ingredients helps with simple maths.

You can view the Flora Family Fun guide online and start entertaining your children straight away, after all the weekend is waiting to be filled and if your lucky they might even share a cake or a cookie with you!

Thank you to Flora for providing us with a boredom buster hamper filled with the ingredients and craft materials to write this post.

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