Wednesday, 4 February 2015

MADSURF T-shirt Review

My two boys are certainly active; they are full of beans and more than a little wild!  I love to get them interested in sport and one activity they both really enjoy is scooting!  So they were thrilled when their t-shirts arrived from MADSURF.  It had to be indoor scooting pictures at the moment as it’s so bitter outside, not t-shirt weather just yet!  But these will be ideal in spring and summer, lovely quality too and a very reasonable price.

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The t-shirts are true to size, we went bigger as you never know sometimes but I think we would have been fine going with their actual sizes, but roomy is good ample space to grow and get plenty of use out of fabulous t-shirts.

MADSURF is a new website dedicated to making kids clothing for children wanting to “be active and awesome”!  I really like the concept; you can pick a sport and a word to display proudly on their chest.  They have plenty of different activities so there is bound to be one to suit your child.  On the sleeve you can also personalise it with their name or you could even make some team t-shirts for an activity group if you wanted them all wearing the same design.  Mind you children all have quite unique personalities and its great MADSURF helps foster that, with such a choice of colours, activities and words you can have your own particular style if you want too!

I think the whole company philosophy helps encourage children to want to be more active, the energetic team behind MADSURF have lots of fun and enjoy getting outdoors, once the site is back you can read their cycling photo shoot blog post and apparently February is all about Rugby in honour of the 6 Nations.

The website is down at the moment whilst they add more products, so keep checking back soon so you can have a good browse.  But do not despair you can still order their products by dropping them an email.  They are very friendly!  Our order arrived quickly and well packaged, the boys enjoyed unwrapping their own t-shirt!  So I am sure we will be shopping with MADSURF soon.

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