Saturday, 21 February 2015

National Stationery Week #lovestationery

We have been sent some lovely stationery products in preparation for National Stationery Week (27th April till the 3rd of May).  I did not realise quite how excited stationery made my husband until he set eyes on this delivery.  He then informed me he used to have a generous stationery budget in his previous job so he was more a connoisseur than I realised!

But if I am honest even I was thrilled with the idea of a quirky new stapler that works without using metal staplers!  Revolutionary indeed, well how does it work? It actually punches a slit into the paper, which then binds the pages together securely.  It’s perfect if you have ever suffered a stapler related injury and if your always forgetting to get replacement staples!  KOKUYO the people behind it are Japan’s leading stationery brand so its no surprise they are paving the way with such fantastic innovations.  I think I can share my husbands enthusiasm when stationery gets this clever.

Nuco notebooks are exceptionally handy to have, they should be able to get me organised in no time!  I like writing notes and it helps to have a pad or two nearby in case you ever think of anything inspired!  I like to keep a list of my outstanding reviews and other things I need to remember, as I am so forgetful.  I do not like to keep everything on my laptop because it always takes an age to boot up (solid state drive has not landed in my house yet unfortunately).  I think you look more professional with a quality notebook and these are very premium.  I like the ruler and the tabs to section off the paper but most of all I love writing and notebooks encourage that.

You can pick more vibrant notebooks than I was sent as they do have some very contemporary patterns.  But personally I would go for something quite serious to give the impression I am writing something “important” at my next blogging event!  I particularly like the Business notebooks with the calendar and world map its useful having access to more features.

I will be keeping you posted on all things stationery in the run up to April.

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