Monday, 2 February 2015

Our New Geocaching Hobby

My new most favourite thing to do as a family is going geocaching!  We are late joining the craze but I absolutely love it!  It’s such an adventure, trying to track down a cache and see what might be hidden inside.  So far we have found three but we have plans to discover many more over the next few weeks.  It’s a great way to encourage the boys to get outdoors, stretch their legs and take in their beautiful surroundings.  Whenever we go anywhere from now on we will be checking out our app and seeing if there is a nearby cache.  You feel such a sense of satisfaction when you manage to find one.

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Some can be very tricky to find, but the app has clues and the comments can also help out if you get really stuck, or mystify you more depending on the picture showing a big cache and then an hour later you find a tiny teeny one!!!  But things do change caches get broken and need replacing.  So be prepared for anything…

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A cache can be found pretty much anywhere.  We have had two hidden in rocks and the third one was magnetic and stuck on to something, well it had slipped onto the floor so we took awhile to spot it!  We make a point of always carrying a pen so you can write in the logbook and a stash of items to hide in the cache.  After all if you take something its only polite to offer something in return.  I was a little sad we could not leave anything in the last cache but it only just fit the logbook inside.  But as we continue our geocaching journey I am sure we will be able to leave plenty more items across the country.  The boys so far like leaving duplicate Moshi Monsters they have, not sure what they will move on to when they have worked there way through their spares.

I am looking forward to the weekend and seeing where we can go next!


  1. This is something I want to try with monkey at some point this year. Sounds like such good fun.