Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Raising Awareness for Dogs Trust

I was thrilled to come onboard helping raise awareness for the amazing work the Dogs Trust do.  Summer was also happy to join in especially when she saw her lovely new yellow bandana!  

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There is so much more going on behind the scenes to help fundraise, educate dog owners and generally improve the lives of 17,000 homeless hounds expected to need help this year. 

There is plenty you can do yourself to help Dogs Trust and its such a worthwhile charity, making a huge difference to all the wonderful dogs out there.  You can visit a centre and consider adopting one of their beautiful dogs.  You can do a search by centre, breed, size and age, so it’s very easy to find the perfect dog for your family.  Looking at all the adorable faces it is so hard not to want to add another dog to our own family! 

Having a dog is a big commitment though so never approach it lightly, consider the cost, including vet bills and the time and energy required to walk them.  If its right for you and your family definitely go ahead, having a dog is such a rewarding experience.  You can never be sad when you are met with a lovely greeting when you arrive home.  With a dog you always have a best friend in your life, they are loyal and loving to the last.  I totally agree with the slogan, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary that “A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas”. 

If you do not think you have enough time to commit then consider sponsoring one of their dogs instead, this is a charming way to introduce your children to Dogs Trust.  You receive little updates about your new friend and a photograph to keep.  It makes a great gift for fellow dog lovers too.  With no government funding any help you can offer has a huge impact!

Summer was spayed a few weeks back and she received free microchipping through the Dogs Trust.  They are campaigning to ensure all dogs in the UK are microchipped.  The law is changing and it will become mandatory for your dog to be microchipped in England from April 2016, so its well worth taking them up on their kind offer and making sure you will always be reunited with your best friend.  But do ensure you update your details if you move home.

We were sent the Dogs Trust Top Trumps game, which is available to buy from their shopping site, Dogs Trust Gifts.   My son is obsessed with Top Trumps and its good way to learn more about the personalities of some of the dogs in the shelters.  There are plenty more delightful gifts on there for every member of the family, its nice when your shopping helps such a good cause!

We will be hopefully having a behind a tour of one of the Dogs Trust centres soon and I will make sure I keep you updated with how we get on.  Just you wait when I see all those puppy dog eyes on me…

So if your reading this please get involved in same way, fundraise with friends, become a member, visit a centre or do some shopping with them.  Knowing you are helping so many amazing dogs is reward enough. 

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