Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Technology and Children

I must confess the thought of my children having facebook accounts when they are older terrifies me, the amount of inappropriate things you see on there is crazy.  As a child I think I liked growing up without social media in my life and I hope my two avoid it for as long as possible too.  Although saying that my eldest did ask if he could start a blog today!  Children are getting more and more Internet savvy but with it come obvious concerns and reservations from us parents.

myvouchercodes did some research into the impact of technology on children’s lives.  I was very interested in this as although my two are still too young presently there will be a time when they want to venture onto facebook and possibly instagram, especially if all their friends are too.  My worries seem to coincide with that of other parents, mainly the fact they might see something unsuitable and be exposed to online bullying.  I think children can be quite cruel at times, but social media amplifies that, gossip spreads like wildfire, people do not think before they type (and that’s just the adults!). 

Technology can be useful of course but it pays to have safeguards in place, make your children aware of the dangers.  The NSPCC has a useful guide to online safety with further suggestions, like adding parental controls to stop your child seeing harmful content and making sure your child knows never to share personal information.

My two love game apps but I make sure I keep an eye on what they are up too.  It pays to take an interest in their online activity, monitoring it means you can step if something does not seem quite right.  I also like to supervise how long they go online, some of the apps can be quite addictive and I do want them to take breaks from the screen and spend time outdoors and playing with their toys or board games.

Mark Pearson, founder of My Voucher Codes said previous research found children quite na├»ve when spending time online, so the best thing you can do is have the talk and agree rules about what they can and cannot do when online.  This article is really useful it is about the advice professionals in the Internet security world gave their own children, like setting a strong secure password and having decent anti virus software so ultimately you can have “web wise kids”.

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