Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Motivation to Work From Home

Some videos touch a chord and this one in particular did just that.  I must admit I have always felt guilty if I miss any part of my boys lives.  I always want to be there to take them to community events, birthday parties and school fundraisers.  It has not always been possible, for a few years I had to work outside the home.  It’s a sacrifice many parents have to make especially with the raising costs of pretty much everything.  Watching the video reminds me of the wrench I felt walking out the door and not spending the day with my little lovelies.  The boy’s sad face really gets you thinking…

Fortunately as my blog developed I have had the opportunity to work from home, it gives me the flexibility to work when it suits me, I have deadlines but I juggle them around my childcare commitments.  Some evenings it means I work long hours but it’s a fair trade off when I can be home with the boys when they need me, during the school holidays or when they are feeling unwell.

The video shows the child’s perspective, how they might feel when you have to go to work.  Mums 30 Day Business developed the video and if I were still working outside the house it would serve as my motivation to find an alternative.  But we all do what we have too, I am not judging, we all have mortgages to pay and food to put on the table.  I just think its good that Lizz has produced an e-book (for a reasonable £4.99) that can give you suggestions on how to launch a successful home business.  If its something you have always fancied doing anyway you might as well benefit from the advantage of flexible childcare at the same time.  Children grow up so fast; it seems a shame to miss out on any part of the crazy roller coaster that is parenthood!

Lizz wrote the book as she realizes mum's are busy, so its amazing what you can achieve in just 30 days. She wanted to make the transition as easy as possible so more parents could be at home with their children.  The tips can fit into your day in a manageable way, so you can still be superwoman and juggle everything!  

Most of us would not have a clue where to start; luckily this e-book covers all the area’s you would need to make a real success out of it.  I read an article the other day of a woman making $65k a month through etsy selling headbands, knitted scarves and boot socks!  So if you have the drive, determination and knowledge with the right resources the world is your oyster evidently!

How does being away from your children make you feel? Are you glad of the break or desperate to see more of them?

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