Thursday, 5 February 2015

#TheChokeables Campaign

I’m a natural born worrier so I am happy to get behind this campaign from St John Ambulance.  I was especially worried when my two boys were starting to eat solids and seemed to have difficulty swallowing their food.  I was always on edge and watching them like a hawk. 

On top of that I was panic-stricken about little toys around the house, I was petrified they would try and swallow something dangerous.  It did not help that my youngest child was one of them who liked putting sequins up his nose or in his ear, so I had to have my wits about me more than most…

Children discover the world around them by mouthing new items; its natural development amongst babies but it’s a tricky journey and one you need to be prepared for.  I would say be vigilant and try and keep anything small well out of reach, this is harder said than done if you have older children who are likely to have smaller toys and leave them dotted around the house.  Get down on to your babies level and see what hazards stand out, eliminate them from your babies range and swap them for bigger objects that cannot be swallowed.  But in a worst-case scenario you also need to be ready to handle a choking situation if you have missed anything.

#TheChokeables short video has been designed to get you thinking about the risks around the house (a pen top, a sweet, a doll, marble or crayon feature in the film) and what measures you can take to help your baby if the worst happens and they are having difficulty breathing.  

It’s important to clear the airway safely and quickly.  The technique you should use which is shown in the video has the potential to save lots of lives so please spread the word and share the video with all of your friends, especially those about to become parents or those that already have a baby.

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