Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentine Brownie Bites

I was pleased to be involved in the TSB Valentine Campaign, there is more to our marriage hopefully than joint accounts and shared parenting!  I wanted us to have an indulgent treat so thought brownies for us both to enjoy whilst watching a romantic film would be a lovely idea!

First you need a brownie recipe any will do the more chocolate the merrier but that goes without saying!!!  I liked this recipe for chocolate brownies although you wouldn’t catch me adding the mayonnaise I just can’t do it… mayonnaise is for my bacon salad sandwiches not something I feel ready to mix with chocolate – yet anyway!  Supposedly it helps reduce the fat content…

Once the brownies are cooked we always find it hard getting them out of the tray so this time we lined it with kitchen foil, which made the job much easier.  No hard burnt edges just a lovely square of moist brownies was lifted out with ease. 

It’s relatively easy to transform the humble but oh so delicious brownie into a Valentine treat you can cut it into heart shape pieces for one.  If you have a heart cookie cutter that will make the next part easier if not you could make yourself a little heart template out of paper or card and improvise as best as you can. 

Once you have your hearts cut out its up to you to use your imagination to decorate them.  You can get extra creative with coloured icing, pinks or reds, buying heart shaped sprinkles or even Love Hearts sweets for decorating.  I have seen strawberry laces used quite well to make a heart shape too!  You could just dust the heart shapes in some icing sugar if you prefer the simple look!  As it is we went over board with pink icing and heart sprinkles!  You can see below the fruits of our labour.

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Are you baking anything special for Valentines?

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