Sunday, 22 February 2015

Yellow Moon Easter Delivery

We were sent another lovely box of craft activities.  These had an Easter theme this time so if you’re hoping to steer your children away from all the chocolate its well worth having a look at what Yellow Moon have to offer in preparation.

The delivery came in time for a playdate and I had two extra children eager to go home with the Ceramic Bunny Coin Banks (a pack of 4 costs a very reasonable £4.99).  Its best to use porcelain paint pens or acrylic paint to decorate them but as we were all out we just improvised with normal felt tip pens.  Everyone was pleased with the result anyway, but if you do have the proper materials all the better!

The little girl on the playdate went to sleep with her bunny that night so obviously she was pretty happy with it.  Not that I necessarily recommend it as a nighttime companion it is a little on the hard side!  But when children get an idea in their head they like to roll with it.

The Easter Colour-In-Mugs (a pack of 4 also £4.99) are very clever you have an entertaining activity, a nice Easter scene to colour in, and then you can use your mug to drink from!  

It’s a lasting reminder of the fun you had and again my two visitors were over the moon to leave with their decorated mugs.

We are all feeling like spring is in the air with bunnies, chicks and lambs in the designs.  The Bird Suncatcher Windchimes (a pack of 3 are £2.99) are another nice idea now we are actually starting to see sunshine again!  Although I felt bad we were not properly equipped but it’s amazing what you can do with felt tip pens if you put your mind to it!  

Anyway the boys enjoyed it and are proudly displaying their windchimes, which look beautiful when the sun catches them.  

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