Saturday, 14 March 2015

#DearCarpetright £500 New Flooring Competition

Carpetright have a generous prize draw that went live to coincide with Mothers Day tomorrow.  It’s very simple to enter, you can find full details on the Carpetright website.  Basically they are giving all mums of babies (and fur babies) a chance to vent about what their little cheeky monkeys get up to!  The overall winner will get £500 worth of new flooring plus three runners up get the chance of winning luxurious Regency Hampers.  The hampers look particularly indulgent, with Chardonnay, biscuits, chocolates and truffles in a pretty shopper basket, so this is one competition well worth entering!

If you follow the hashtag #DearCarpetright you can see lots of entries already, it is quite amusing seeing what some mothers have to deal with!  A few pets and children are particularly mischievous and it looks like plenty of mothers are in desperate need of a new carpet!!!  It’s helpful knowing we are not tackling these issues on our own, lots of other pets and children are just as messy.  My two boys were little terrors when they were younger, they would scribble on walls, decorate rooms with Sudocrem and chuck their dinner on the floor for kicks.  But now they are slightly older it’s the puppy causing the chaos.

Here is our entry, the boys had been sent a brand new space invaders rug for review and one of the first things Summer the dog does is christen it with a generous puddle of pee!  Returning to the scene of the crime she did look a bit sheepish. 

Like the note says I think she was making sure the boys knew it was hers!  That or she liked the soft feeling as she went about her business… either way the boys understandably weren’t too impressed!!!

Now take a picture of your loveable rogue and a sign next to them explaining what mishap they are guilty of, then upload that picture to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram using #DearCarpetright and tag Carpetright in the caption.

Good luck in the competition.

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