Monday, 9 March 2015

Getting the hang of gardening with Lechuza planters

I do not have a particularly good track record with plants, I tend to either let the poor things dry out completely or do the exact opposite and offer too much water and leave them rather waterlogged!  It’s a labour of love to try and revive them, not all plants come back from the brown and crispy stage sadly. 

Fortunately LECHUZA planters make things that much easier, they are very sophisticated and come with an inbuilt gauge so you know if your plants have the minimum level of required water at all times.  One quick glance and you can see everything is as it should be.  If the water level gets too low you can easily top up again before your plant condition deteriorates.

I was very grateful to LECHUZA for sending us bundle of herbs, potting soil and two of their rather gorgeous planters to encourage my boys to try their hand at gardening.  

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The novelty of new planters certainly captured their attention; all the features intrigued them and they really enjoyed the activity.

LECHUZA planters are a great choice if you like holidays but have no one reliable to water your plants whilst you are away.  The handy sub-irrigation system means the plants can water themselves when they need too, they can last for a few weeks like this as long as the water level indicator has been filled to the max.

Having plants should not be a stressful experience; they provide oxygen and brighten your space.  Yet somehow the guilt of looking at my wilted plants can get me down.  LECHUZA always makes sure plants have the optimum amount of water so instead they are nurtured and flourishing.  Seeing as the boys were really happy with the herbs they planted I am glad LECHUZA planters have upped their survival rates considerably!!!  We will enjoy harvesting our herbs and adding flavour to our meals.

I like the different styles of planter on the website, plenty of variety and colours.  Not only are they a very practical option they are stylish and sophisticated.  They seem very sturdy; everything considered I think they offer good value for money.

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