Saturday, 28 March 2015

Helping a Gifted Child

If your child is developing at a faster rate than his or her peers its natural you want to encourage that progression, fostering their cognitive skills and helping them embrace their potential.  It can be upsetting seeing them tackling boredom and frustration with the level of education currently offered by their school, you might find they switching off.

My eldest did get above average scores on his first set of exams; he seems to have an aptitude for mathematics.  One little girl sits on the same table as him hoping it will rub off on her according to her mum.  We have done lots of work at home, which has obviously helped, but lately I have not had as much time as I would like.  We seem to always be busy and it’s hard to focus on learning around all the after school clubs and how they actually want to spend their time. 

Nowadays if I crack open the learning book I get a groan, the interest is not always there.  But then I do not necessarily have the best strategies to encourage them.  Getting a private tutor like the ones available from Fleet Tutors can help them advance as they can hopefully make learning exciting again!  They know how to engage your child and get the best out of them, they realise a gifted child needs a more stimulating experience.

Alongside private tuition it definitely can help to open discussion with your school and see if they can offer additional tasks and supplementary exercises your child can do to enrich the time they spend in the classroom.  Having further work can stop them getting fed up and renew their enthusiasm with the education system.  A gifted child might be mistaken as a difficult student when their needs are not met and this is a real shame because handled well they will really thrive.

Talented individuals should not be given the same tasks again and again just because they happen to finish first, they need new challenges and material to feel inspired.  I must admit I was always guilty of daydreaming when I was younger it was a comment on a fair few school reports of mine but with the right teacher I was totally absorbed in my subject.

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