Monday, 23 March 2015

Laser Combat

I really enjoy trying out new experiences with my boys the latest one was laser combat!  It’s amazing because no one gets hurt like you can with paintball, you just wear a sensor on your head as do your comrades and then you try and aim for the sensor on the other team to get them out (they wear a different colour!).

We headed to Llandegla Laser Combat to do this, a two-hour session costs £120 which is very reasonable given you can have up to twenty playing (£6 a head for that kind of entertainment can’t be beat!).  We went as part of a birthday party group, but I would love to go back again soon.  It’s very active and you need to keep your wits about you too, the other team creep up and try and get you unawares.  The kids seemed to have the advantage over the adults in that they moved so much faster.  By the time my reflexes caught up with them I was well and truly out… in the end I found it easier to hide in a bush and wait patiently for my target to appear in my scope.

The staff there kept the games fresh by alternating how we played them, capture the flag was practically over before it started, like I said those kids move fast!!!  We seemed to be on the losing team, but then when we worked together we did so much better and surrounded our foes and finally had a win of our own.

My two were in their element they really had so much fun.  The staff gave instructions out so the children all knew how to operate their guns, when you are out of the game you get a message saying medic, medic, man down, man down, but before that you do have a clue your in trouble as when you get hit you hear “ow”, so run for cover find your enemy and start shooting!

If your looking for something enjoyable to do over the Easter holidays I recommend trying laser combat with your kids.  Just make sure you have suitable footwear and take a change of clothes it can get very muddy!

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