Monday, 30 March 2015

My Laundry Tips and Advice

When you have children you suddenly realise how much more laundry you have!  Children tend to get that much more mucky than their adult counterparts and need regular changes of clothes.  Beko challenged bloggers to come up with some tips to get on top of the never-ending laundry pile!

Firstly I would say get a BIG washing machine with a decent sized load capacity, one that can hold lots as you will always have plenty that will need washing.  School uniforms, pyjamas, football kit, swimming costumes and towels, each day the mound of dirty clothes grows steadily…

I must confess I am not the best at doing laundry I rarely sort the clothes into darks and lights I just tend to bung it all in and hope for the best.  But if you do prefer to wash your clothes in a more structured way, then buying a laundry sorter is a useful time saving idea.  Then you have the dirty clothes all ready sorted.  I also do not have time for hand washing so buy special bags to add the hand washing into my normal load, a tip I learnt from an Australian friend.

Think about what you are washing, can you get another wear out of it, do your children really need fresh pyjamas every night or can you get a few days wear out of them.  Think carefully about what changes you can make that will reduce the washing burden.

Be realistic the days of reaching the bottom of your wash basket may well have passed.  But I do like to make time every day to do a wash or two, if you do not dedicate some time to keeping on top of it, it will grow uncontrollably and rather depressingly.  So schedule time into your routine, try and encourage all the family to help out too.  Whether it’s just collecting up their dirty clothes at the end of the day and placing them in the washing basket rather than leaving them for you to collect from the far corners of each room!!!  Younger children might enjoy matching up socks and putting them in drawers.

Even when I catch up with the washing, I end up with clean piles of clothes squashed into baskets sometimes for a few days whilst I try and find the motivation to put them away.  

On occasion I have even got muddled with my washing not realising what is clean and dirty anymore and rewashed clothes just in case, so do try and put away after each load.

Make washing more fun by buying a decent fabric softener some have lovely fragrances which makes the whole thing that bit more pleasant!!!

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