Friday, 20 March 2015

My Spring Fashion

My hoodies and jeans combo is not really cutting it at the school gate.  I need to give my wardrobe a spring refresh.  The sun has started to shine it would be nice to ditch the layers and update my wardrobe.  Although one of this season’s trends is ironically layers, but the whole point of better weather for me is feeling the sunshine on as much of my skin as possible!

Other popular trends at the moment are black and white, yellow, lots of white, cropped jeans, off the shoulder tops, gingham and military.  But from that I would pick and choose what suits me best, I don’t want to follow the crowd completely!  I do not like the look of the shorter baggy jeans; I will stick to my boot cut thank you all the same!!!  Plus gingham reminds me of picnic blankets so I do not think I have the courage to incorporate that into any new outfits I buy.

It can be an expensive business given your wardrobe an overhaul so it’s worth looking out for any discount vouchers for the shops you love.  FashionBeans showed me the latest offers at River Island, I quite like the look of this black geo print panelled dress (£35).

You can then look on sites like Glamour and see the types of clothes making it to the catwalk for spring and then find a more affordable example on the high street.  It seems silly to pay those prices unless your rich and famous, most of us need to scrimp and save and use every voucher going!    

The majority of my clothes come from F&F from Tesco as they are so reasonably priced and still keeping up with the exciting spring trends.  This yellow top is only £14 and a lovely shade not too overpowering (I don't want to look like a canary after all!).

What will you be wearing this spring?


  1. The dress is very pretty, that would work with a range of outfits I think, and I really wish I suited yellow, it's such a happy colour.

  2. I really need to update my wardrobe for spring too as I wear jeans practically every single day. Love the dress and top you selected very stylish x